ASI 3912 Commercial Grab Bar Partition Kit for 1/2"-1" Thick Partitions, Stainless Steel

ASISKU: C1968352
MPN : 3912
Weight : 4.0 lb

$9.40 $16.80

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The ASI 3912 kit is designed for use for mounting ASI brand grab bars with concealed mountings, such as those in the 3100 and 3200 ranges in metal partitions that measure 1/2 of an inch to 1 inch in thickness. These grab bars feature slotted tenon plates for mounting, which can attach to the rod included in the kit with the enclosed washer and nut. The exposed surface of the rod has a No. 4 satin finish to coordinate with ASI grab bars and measures 3 inches in diameter. Each kit contains the requisite hardware for one flange of an ASI grab bar. When purchasing kits, you will need to order one for each flange featured in your particular ASI model number. When ASI grab bars are installed properly with the ASI 3912 kits, the units will comply fully with the minimum weight capacity rules established by ADA and other barrier-free accessibility guidelines.