Mounting Systems for Ceiling Hung Toilet Partitions 

Provisions must be in the construction of the building to support ceiling-hung toilet partitions. Structure inceiling, not furnished by Bobrick, must support at least 295 lb per laminated-plastic partition and 275 lb persolid-phenolic partition, and must be sufficiently rigid to withstand swinging motion of toilet partition doorsand impact of doors against stiles. Some suggested mounting systems are shown below. Actual mounting system, including lateral bracing, if required, must be designed by the architect or structural engineer, andfurnished by others.

Note: If adequate ceiling support cannot be provided, the floor-anchored or overhead-braced toilet compartments are recommended.

The stiles of Bobrick ceiling-hung toilet partitions areconstructed with an 11-gauge steel core welded to aleveling device. Each leveling device includes threadedrods (2), hex nuts (6), spacers (2), flat washers (4), lock washers (4), shoe retainers (2), and expansionanchors (2). 4" (102mm) stainless steel shoe, which isfurnished, covers the leveling device after installation iscompleted.

Recommended Methods for Attaching to Wall

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