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How do I choose the right material for my toilet partitions?

When choosing the right material for toilet partitions, consider factors such as budget, location, durability, and aesthetics.

Powder-coated steel is cost-effective and versatile, while plastic laminate offers a wide range of colors and patterns. Solid phenolic core partitions provide exceptional strength and water resistance, and are ideal for high-traffic restrooms. Solid plastic is suitable for high-moisture environments and resists impact and vandalism. Stainless steel is ideal for upscale commercial settings and offers superior durability. Assess your restroom's specific needs, usage patterns, and maintenance requirements to select the most appropriate material that balances functionality, appearance, and cost. Call our Team today for more help making the right selections for your next restroom project.

Starting at $225

Baked Enamel or Powder Coated Steel

• 48-Hour Fast Shipping Available
• Wide Array ofColors
• Numerous Mounting Options
• Best Suited for Offices, Restaurants, & Retail Stores

Starting at $395

Plastic Laminate

• Wide Array of Colors
• Numerous Mounting Options
• Corrosion Resistant - Best Suited for Office Buildings and Restaurants

Starting at $380

Solid HDPE Plastic

• 20+ Popular Colors
• Numerous Mounting Options
• 48-Hour Fast Shipping Available
• Superior Moisture Resistance - Best Suited for Health Clubs, Pools, Stadiums, Schools and High-Traffic Locations

Starting at $610

Solid Phenolic

• Wide Variety of Colors & Mounting Options
• 48-Hour Fast Shipping Available
• Durable & Vandal Resistant - Best Suited for Recreation Centers, Airports, Office Buildings, and High-End Applications

Starting at $625

Stainless Steel

• Highest Durability
• Numerous Mounting Options
• 48-Hour Fast Shipping Available
• High-End Look & Low Maintenance - Great for Offices, Restaurants, and High Traffic Areas

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