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Bobrick Paper Towel Dispensers

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Bobrick paper towel dispensers offer options with clean design that help eliminate stub roll waste and discourage handful dispensing.

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Choosing the Right Bobrick Paper Towel Dispensers for Your Facility

Total Restroom provides you with the widest range of Bobrick essentials to ensure design appeal and hygiene in your commercial facility. Bobrick options include wall, counter, and multi-surface mounted paper towel dispensers with automatic and touch-free dispensing. Shop today and take advantage of our Low-Price Guarantee on all Bobrick restroom fixtures and accessories.

Bobrick paper towel dispensers are available in a range of styles to meet your building’s needs:

Hygienic: Proper handwashing is one of the top ways to reduce the spread of bacteria. In commercial settings, disposable is your most hygienic option. To achieve your environmental objectives, our dispensers are durable, and our inventory includes paper towels that are made from fully and partially recycled materials. 

Configurations: Your new dispenser is designed to be securely mounted to various types of walls and countertops. Choose from self-dispensing c-fold and tri-fold towels, automatic dispensers, touch-free rolls, and traditional paper towel roll dispensers.

Materials & Design Aesthetic: Choose from sleek chrome, stainless steel, or plastic to match your commercial kitchen or restroom, as well as your budget. Some of our dispensers are made from partially recycled materials.

Size: Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your space, minimize refills, and allow for strategic placement throughout your facility. 

Need Help? Trust the Restroom Experts. Dispensers have options. See below for the most important things to consider when selecting the right dispenser for your facility. Need more help? Our Team of Experts is waiting to answer your questions.

Wall or Counter-Mounted

Bobrick Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser

Bobrick Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser
• Semi-concealed, recessed, or fully visible dispensers
• Mount with brackets or commercial adhesives 
• Available in plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel 
• Built-in lock to minimize waste
• Options that hold up to 800 paper towels

Bobrick Counter-Mounted Soap Dispenser

Bobrick Counter-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser
• Space-saving countertop dispenser
• Available in durable stainless steel
• Built-in lock to minimize waste
• Top loading access eliminates spillage
 • Options that hold up to 300 paper towels

Manual or Touchless

Bobrick Manual Soap Dispenser

Bobrick Manual Paper Towel Dispenser
• Manual with controlled delivery
• Easy to refill with lock and hinged access
• No batteries required
• No mechanical components, equals fewer maintenance needs

Bobrick Touch-Free Paper Towel Dispenser
• Standardized amounts cut costs and minimize spillage
• Modern stainless steel or durable plastic
• Pull or motion-activated for improved hygiene
• Batteries required

Folded or Rolls

Bobrick Liquid Soap Dispenser

Bobrick Tri-Fold Paper Towel Dispenser
• Reduce the spread of bacteria with disposable towels
• Multiple sizes and towel capacity
• Options to fit C-fold or trifold
• Fits double or single ply with partial and fully recycled options

Bobrick Foam Soap Dispenser

Bobrick Roll Paper Towel Dispenser
• Reduce the spread of bacteria with disposable towels
• Multiple sizes and towel capacity
• Standard paper towel rolls or bulk paper towel rolls
• Fits double or single ply with partial and fully recycled options

Begin by selecting your Bobrick paper towel dispenser, then explore your paper towel options. Take advantage of Total Restroom’s full range of Commercial-Grade Cleaning Solutions. You will find everything you need to keep your restroom, kitchen, or facility clean and sanitized! 

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Towel Dispensers:

Model NumberUsable Height (Inches)MultifoldC-Fold Singlefold
B-26212-1/2 300-700265-480NA
B-26215-3/4140-235 125-220 NA
B-263 NANA145-335
B-318 15 360-840320-580NA
B-319017-1/2420-980 370-675 NA
B-359 11265-615235-425 NA
B-3590311-3/4280-660250-450 NA
B-36216-3/8 395-915 345-630 NA
B-36203 14-3/4 355-825 310-570 NA
B-52610-1/4 245-575220-395 NA
B-528 10-1/4 245-575 220-395 NA

Towel/Waste Units:

Model NumberUsable Height(inches)MultifoldC-Fold Singlefold
B-360P 16-3/8395-915245-630615-1260
B-369 9-1/2 230-530200-365 NA
B-36903 10-1/4  245-575220-395NA
B-3803 18-7/8 450-1050400-725710-1455
B-3803418-7/8450-1050 400-725NA
B-3900, B-3907 19-1/2 470-1095 410-750 730-1500
B-3900319-1/2 470-1095 410-750730-1500
B-3904 19-1/2 470-1095 410-750730-1500
B-390919-1/2 470-1095 410-750730-1500
B-3942 19-1/2 470-1095 410-750730-1500
B-3944, B-3947 19-1/2 470-1095 410-750NA
B-52610-1/4 245-575220-395 NA
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