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Capacities of Bobrick Folded Paper Towel Dispensers

A top-quality, two-ply towel, heavily creped and embossed, will yield relatively few towels to the cabinet inch; a hard finished, single-ply towel will yield perhaps twice as many. For description of standard towel folds, see TB-6. The quality of towel that is appropriate for upscale offices, department stores, restaurants, and hotels will require more cabinet space than lower quality towels suitable for a building where cost of supplies is paramount, assuming the same washroom traffic and frequency of servicing.

All dispenser capacities in Bobrick catalogs are averages for middle-of-the-road quality and are guidelines only, based on proper loading of paper towels. Before it is put into the cabinet, a towel stack should be unbanded, riffled and loosened. One inch of clear space should be left at the top of the stack. Tightly packed paper towels cause difficult dispensing and torn towels.

Info From Bobrick 

Towel Dispensers:

Model NumberUsable Height (Inches)MultifoldC-Fold Singlefold
B-26212-1/2 300-700265-480NA
B-26215-3/4140-235 125-220 NA
B-263 NANA145-335
B-318 15 360-840320-580NA
B-319017-1/2420-980 370-675 NA
B-359 11265-615235-425 NA
B-3590311-3/4280-660250-450 NA
B-36216-3/8 395-915 345-630 NA
B-36203 14-3/4 355-825 310-570 NA
B-52610-1/4 245-575220-395 NA
B-528 10-1/4 245-575 220-395 NA

Towel/Waste Units:

Model NumberUsable Height(inches)MultifoldC-Fold Singlefold
B-360P 16-3/8395-915245-630615-1260
B-369 9-1/2 230-530200-365 NA
B-36903 10-1/4  245-575220-395NA
B-3803 18-7/8 450-1050400-725710-1455
B-3803418-7/8450-1050 400-725NA
B-3900, B-3907 19-1/2 470-1095 410-750 730-1500
B-3900319-1/2 470-1095 410-750730-1500
B-3904 19-1/2 470-1095 410-750730-1500
B-390919-1/2 470-1095 410-750730-1500
B-3942 19-1/2 470-1095 410-750730-1500
B-3944, B-3947 19-1/2 470-1095 410-750NA
B-52610-1/4 245-575220-395 NA