PolyJohn Portable Hand Washing Sink, Heated Water, GrandStand PSW1-2100, Replaced w/ the PSW3-2000

PolyJohnSKU: C1966702
MPN : PSW1-2100
Weight : 64.0 lb

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No Longer Available - Please See the All-New PSW3-2000

The compact PolyJohn PSW1-2100 one-person portable sink from PortableHandwashing.com is a great option for bringing hot water to the outdoors. Meet strict health code and hand washing regulations through the PSW1-2100’s 110 volt heater – this 15 Amp power supply (typically achieved though a standard wall plug) offers a constant 110 degree Fahrenheit water temperature for high quality warm water handwashing. This durable, compact portable hand wash station is perfect for various outdoor settings including: commercial catering and food service applications, agriculture, construction work sites, festivals, farmers markets, plus any other locations where outdoor handwashing is required. Equipped with a single or multi-fold paper towel dispenser and a 30 fluid ounce soap dispenser featuring easy maintenance and refilling, the PolyJohn GrandStand PSW1-2100 puts soap and paper towel right at the user’s fingertips. The PSW1-2100 portable sink comes fully assembled and ready for the outdoors. Full Tank Will Provide Approximately 270 Handwashings

  • Great for agriculture, food, and construction work sites.
  • Protects children in schools, playgrounds, and festivals.
  • Safeguards food for grocery stores, farmers' markets, and outdoor food vendors.

Water Heater Information
This unit is equipped with a heating element to heat the fresh water. It is controlled by a built in thermostat to maintain a nominal water temperature of 110o. The unit is equipped with a float switch to turn off power to the heating element if the water level should drop too low. The unit may take up to one hour to heat the water, depending upon the temperature of the water that it is fi lled with. The system is electrically protected with a GFCI plug. If for some reason, the GFCI were to trip, simply push the reset button on the plug. If the unit trips the GFCI protection again, remove from service, and have a qualified electrician inspect the sink.

FDA Information
All materials, including resin, pigments and additives used to make the plastic components as well as the plumbing components that come in contact with the fresh water supply are U.S. Government Food & Drug Administration (FDA) food grade compliant materials. In certain geographical areas of the USA, a warning decal, "Not for Drinking or Cooking" is required. This sink is supplied with PC-000782 Warning Decal, which is located directly below the faucet. It is suggested that this decal be replaced if it becomes damaged or worn out. All dimensions are subject to change due to environmental factors.

Filling with Fresh Water
NOTE: Unit must be filled prior to plugging in the heater. Unscrew the 1” fill plug located at the top, right hand side of the wash basin. Insert a standard garden or similar type hose and fill with a few gallons of fresh water to perform a system check. Depress the pump a few times to “prime” it (the pump has a built-in check valve that will hold a prime between uses). If needed, continue filling to the top (which is the 17 gallon water level capacity). Tighten the plug when fi nished.

Emptying Fresh Water
Drain the fresh water by unscrewing the 1/2” plug located at the bottom of the sink, to the left of the foot pump. Tighten the plug when finished.

Emptying Gray Water
Wheel the sink to a proper and approved drain location. Pull the hose out from the rib on the back of the holding tank, remove the hose cap and empty the gray water. Replace the cap when finished.