Kidde ProPlus 20 MP Dry-Chemical Fire Extinguisher, 20l

KiddeSKU: C2651040
MPN : 468003
Weight : 32.1 lb

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Make safety your top priority, and choose Kidde ProPlus Line commercial-grade dry-chemical extinguishers. Step-by-step instruction label featuring graphic illustrations brings the most inexperienced user up to speed in seconds. Large, easy-to-read pressure gauge simplifies charge checks. Impact-resistant valve and trigger mechanism help ensure trouble-free performance. Easy-pull safety pin prevents accidental discharges without slowing you down in an emergency. Rechargeable. Material(s): Steel; Monoammonium Phosphate; Fire Class: ABC; UL Rating: 6-A:120-B:C; Charge Weight: 20 lbs.