Kidde ProLine Pro 20 MP Fire Extinguisher, 6-A:80-B:C,

KiddeSKU: C2651037
MPN : 466206
Weight : 32.0 lb

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Be prepared; choose ProLine dry-chemical extinguishers for your commercial fire-suppression needs. Crystal-clear, step-by-step instruction label helps ensure effective use in a crisis. Easy-to-read, reliable pressure gauge simplifies inspections. Smooth-action, impact-resistant valve and lever ensure hassle-free operation. Lock-safe, easy-pull release pin minimizes accidental discharges without compromising emergency-reaction times. Rechargeable. Material(s): Steel Cylinder; Monoammonium Phosphate; Fire Class: A:Com.Combustibles/B:Flammable Liquids/C:Live Elec.Equip.; UL Rating: 6-A:80-B:C; Charge Weight: 18 lbs.