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Bradley WBD1 WashBar Duo, Touch-Free Soap Dispenser and Faucet

SKU: C3066143-1
Weight : 12.0 lb


$1,161.30 $1,659.00

Availability :
  • One piece WashBar Duo includes touch-free soap and water
  • WashBar technology intuitively guides the user and eliminates simultaneous activations
  • Available with foam or liquid soap
  • WashBar Duo comes complete with supply hoses and soap dispenser components

Specifications The single piece WashBar Duo allows users to access soap and water without leaving the hand washing station. The unit handles washroom traffic quickly and economically, while providing each user with personal space.

WashBar Duo
WashBar Duo includes touch-free soap and water. Load tested to 500 pounds, WashBar  Duo is secured to the basin with two anti-rotational shanks. Blue LED lights help guide the user to WashBar Duo, indicating the functions. The LED light will change from blue to green to signify that the function is in use. Each function is easily identified by the corresponding icon on WashBar Duo's top surface.Each  sensor  includes  a  turn-off  delay  of  1-2  seconds  to  aid  in  a  smooth,  controlled  hand-washing and drying operation. WashBar Duo sensors are not affected by varying skin tones or darkness. Smart technology allows the facilities manager or maintenance staff to clean and configure with ease.

Soap Dispenser
The soap dispenser is located on the left side of the WashBar Duo, eliminating any soap from  dripping  on  counters  or  onto  the  floor,  minimizing  slip  hazards  and  allows  for  easy cleaning. Choose between a foam or liquid soap dispenser, which are compatible with most bulk soaps. Soap system accommodates up to a 1 gallon container to reduce the number of soap replacements. When the LED light above the soap function turns to solid red, simply reset the soap counter and then check the level and replace the soap container with a full container if necessary. The soap system includes an adapter to fit many 1 gallon soap containers available on the market.

Faucet  is  located  on  the  right  side  of  WashBar  Duo  and  has  a  spray  angle  of  approximately 17 degrees off the vertical. Comes standard with a 0.5 gpm/1.90 Lpm, 0.09 gpc/0.35 Lpc or 0.35gpm/1.33 Lpm, 0.05 gpc/0.25 Lpc PCA silicone tip, non-aerated spray pattern with a maximum run time of 11 seconds per activation. Automatic 5  second  purge  within  24  hours  of  the  last  use.  Recommended  operating  range  is  20-80 psi.

Each WashBar Duo is powered by one 120V 2 A 12V DC adapter that plugs directly into the electrical outlet.