ASI 8165 Commercial Paper Towel Holder, Surface Recessed-Mounted, Aluminum

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MPN : 8165
Weight : 1.4 lb


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The ASI 8165 Paper Towel Holder accepts one roll of toilet tissue that measures up to 6 inches in diameter and has a standard size core. The unit is made of cast aluminum finished in gray-silver satin, which reduces fingerprinting and allows the paper towel holder to look attractive without the need for frequent polishing. The spindle on the dispenser is crafted from ABS thermoplastic and has a release mechanism, which is concealed by the paper towel roll to prevent the roll from being removed. Once the role is depleted, the core can be torn away to reveal the release pin, which activates the spring-locking mechanism. To cut down on wasted paper towels, the holder features a controlled-delivery design, only turning one half of a revolution with each pull. Designed to be installed on any type of hard surface, the unit measures 13 inches in length by 1-3/4 inches in height.