ASI 1224-1 Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Flanges for ASI Model 1224 Series, Brass w/ Chrome Plating

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MPN : 1224
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The ASI 1224-1 Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Flanges are an excellent option for completing a commercial washroom or bathroom in a hotel or hospital. The flanges are designed to work perfectly with ASI 1224 Series Shower Curtain Rods, ASI 1200-SHU Shower Curtain Hooks and the ASI 1200-V Shower Curtain. The curtain rod flanges have an attractive No. 4 satin finish. To craft the curtain rod flanges durable chrome-plated brass is used. Each flange measures 3 inches in diameter. Three countersunk holes that measure 17/64 of an inch in diameter are featured in each flange. These holes accept No. 10 flat or oval head screws, which must be purchased separately for installation. The mounting holes are positioned at the top and bottom of the flange to ensure that the flanges are fully secured to the mounting surface. One flange is designed to accept a setscrew to lock the curtain rod in place.