ASI 0811 Commercial Restroom Waste Receptacle, 13 Gallon, Free-Standing, 13" W x 22" H, 12-1/4" D, Stainless Steel

ASISKU: C1967701
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MPN : 0811
Weight : 26.6 lb

$121.60 $243.20

The ASI 0811 Waste Receptacle is a freestanding trashcan that makes an attractive, yet functional addition to any commercial restroom. The waste receptacle stands at 22 inches in height overall and is 13 inches in width by 12-1/4 inches in depth. The receptacle holds up to 14 gallons of waste and is outfitted with an open top that makes it easy to dispose of waste and empty the unit. At the bottom of the receptacle, four rubber supports are positioned with one located near each of the unit's corners. These supports provide stability and keep the unit from rocking, sliding and easily tipping over. Vinyl edges are positioned on both the upper and lower edges of the unit all the way around the perimeter to protect the waste receptacle from dents and bumps. The upper vinyl edge also prevents injuries when the receptacle is being used or serviced. The exposed surfaces of the receptacle bear a No. 4 satin finish.