ASI 0719 Commercial Restroom Door Bumper, 2-3/16" Diameter, Surface-Mounted, Zamak w/ Chrome Finish

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MPN : 0719
Weight : 1.0 lb


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The ASI 0719 Door Bumper is designed to keep the doors in your bathroom stalls from striking and rubbing against the partitions. This helps prevent dents and excessive wear to keep the partitions in top shape and extend their lives. The door bumper mounts onto any type of hard surface partition via two countersunk holes that measure 1/4 of an inch in diameter. The mounting holes are separated by 1-5/8 inches of space. Two, No. 10 self-tapping screws are included from the manufacturer for mounting the door bumper. Fashioned from rust-proof Zamak, the bumper is covered in three layers of chrome plating to create a sleek, shiny surface. A black neoprene bumper is featured on the end of the unit to absorb the shock from the door hitting it. The mounting flange is 2-3/16 inches in diameter and 3/32 of an inch thick. The bumper extends from the wall by 1-7/8 inches once installed.