ASI 0690-18 Commercial Raised Edge Restroom Shelf, 6" D x 18"L, Stainless Steel w/ Satin Finish

ASISKU: C1968296
MPN : 0690-18
Weight : 2.2 lb

$93.10 $169.20

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The ASI 0690-18 Surface Mounted Shelf is an attractive storage option for your commercial restrooms, workrooms, custodial closets and any other area in your facilities where you require sturdy open storage space. The shelf features a depression that measures 3/8 of an inch with a raised perimeter. This design helps prevent items from slipping off the sides of the shelf. Made from durable type-304, 18-8 alloy, 18-gauge stainless steel, the shelf measures 6 inches in depth and 18 inches in length. The mounting holes are positioned on the downturned leg on the back of the shelf. To prevent accidental cuts and preserve the safety of your facilities, the front edge of the shelf has a rolled lip, which measures 5/8 of an inch. The shelf features an attractive satin finish. This finish has an eye-catching gleam, but is less likely to show fingerprinting that polished surfaces. The mounting hardware for the shelf is not included with the unit.