ASI 0472-1 Commercial Restroom Sanitary Napkin Disposal, Partition-Mounted, Stainless Steel

ASISKU: C1967698
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MPN : 0472-1
Weight : 10.3 lb

$120 $240

Designed for providing a waste container in two bathroom stalls or compartments, the ASI 0472-1 Partition Mounted Dual Access Napkin Disposal helps to keep your bathroom area cleaner and your plumbing free of the clogs that can arise from the improper disposal of feminine products. The waste container holds up to 1.5 gallons of waste and is enclosed in a cabinet made of 18-8 alloy, type-304 stainless steel. Each partition has its own set of doors that are attached to the cabinet with stainless steel multi-staked piano hinges. An international graphic is displayed on the unit on each side to signify its purpose. Outfitted with a lock for additional security, the unit is intended for use in partitions that are 1/2 to 3 inches in thickness. A rough opening that measures 11-3/8 inches in width by 15-5/8 inches in height is required for installation. A hemmed finger grip is included in the design to make the waste container easy to empty.