ASI 0263-1A Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser, Surface-Mounted, Aluminum w/ Satin Finish

ASISKU: c1968259
MPN : 0263-1A
Weight : 1.0 lb

$11.50 $20.90

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The ASI 0263-1A Single Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser Without Pin installs securely on any hard surface in your commercial restrooms and keeps one roll of toilet tissue that measures up to 6 inches in diameter within easy reach. The spindle is crafted from ABS thermoplastic and is able to turn freely for the convenience of users; however, the spindle cannot be removed until the unit is empty in order to cut down on the risk of theft. The toilet tissue dispenser is crafted from cast aluminum and features a satin matte silver-gray finish that looks appealing but does not show fingerprinting and smudges as readily as brightly polished toilet paper holders. The unit measures 6-1/2 inches in length by 1-3/4 inches in height and extends 4 inches from the mounting surface. To install the unit, two mounting slots are provided at the back of the unit and work with No. 10 self-tapping screws, which are readily available at hardware stores.