ASI 0263-1 Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser, Surface-Mounted, Zinc w/ Satin Finish

ASISKU: C1968258
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MPN : 0263-1
Weight : 1.0 lb

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The ASI 0263-1 Single Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser With Pin installs securely on any hard surface in your commercial restrooms and keeps one roll of toilet tissue that measures up to 6 inches in diameter within easy reach. To provide extra security and reduce the likelihood of theft, the unit is outfitted with a release pin mounted on a spring lock, which prevents the spindle from being removed until the roll is empty. The spindle is crafted from ABS thermoplastic and features a unique rocking motion. This prohibits users from fully spinning the spindle and cuts down on wasted paper supplies. The toilet tissue dispenser is crafted from cast aluminum and features a satin matte silver-gray finish that looks appealing but does not show fingerprinting and smudges as readily as brightly polished toilet paper holders. The unit measures 6-1/2 inches in length by 1-3/4 inches in height and extends 4 inches from the mounting surface.