ASI 0215 Commercial Paper Towel Dispenser, Surface-Mounted, Stainless Steel

ASISKU: C1968081
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MPN : 0215
Weight : 4.0 lb

$39.60 $79.20

For restrooms where the available wall space for mounting a surface-mounted paper towel dispenser is limited, the ASI 0215 Paper Towel Dispenser makes a practical, eye-catching solution. The unit measures 11 inches in width by only 1-1/4 inches in height and extends 4 inches from the mounting surface once installed. This smaller version of standard paper towel dispensers can hold up to 200 C fold or 275 multi-fold paper towels and has a hemmed-in, rolled edge on its opening to ensure the safety of users and prevent snagging. The door and cabinet of the unit are both fabricated out of type-304, 22-gauge stainless steel and are joined with a continuous stainless steel piano hinge. To limit the risk of theft, the top of the door is outfitted with a keyed tumbler lock. On the side of the paper towel dispenser, a viewing slot allows you to see when it's time to refill the unit.