ASI 0119 Hand Dryer Mounting Box, Semi-Recessed-Mounting, Stainless Steel

ASISKU: C1967740
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MPN : 0119
Weight : 6.0 lb

$146 $292

The ASI 0119 TURBO-Dri Hand Dryer Mounting Box allows you to add the convenience of ASI's popular TURBO-Dri dryer to your washroom facilities and still fully comply with ADA and other barrier-free accessibility guidelines. The semi-recessed design requires a rough opening that measures 10-3/4 inches in width by 16-3/8 inches in height by 3-3/4 inches in depth. The exterior of the unit is made of 20-gauge cold rolled steel covered in white porcelain enamel, and the wall box unit is crafted from 20-gauge, type-304, 18-8 alloy stainless steel. The mounting box is the perfect size to coordinate with any of the TURBO-Dri Hand Dryers, and its finish is ideal for the ASI 0197-1 or the ASI 0197-2 models. The box is installed using No. 10 fasteners, which must be purchased separately as they are not included from the manufacturer. The construction of the box completely eliminates seams and is free of miters.