ASI 0042 Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser, Surface-Mounted, Stainless Steel w/ Satin Finish

ASISKU: C1968046
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MPN : 0042
Weight : 5.0 lb

$37.80 $75.60

The ASI 0042 Single Surface Mounted Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser is an extra large unit designed to accommodate the biggest rolls of commercial-grade toilet paper. The dispenser holds rolls that are up to 10 inches in diameter. In its standard form, the unit works with rolls that have inner cores that are 2-1/4 inches in diameter, but by removing the "O" ring adapter from the unit's interior, rolls with cores that are 1-5/8 inches in diameter can be substituted. Fashioned out of 20-gauge, type-304 stainless steel, the dispenser measures 10-5/8 inches in diameter and extends 4-1/2 inches from its mounting surface. A keyed tumbler lock is included in the door of the unit to prevent theft of the toilet tissue. Beneath the lock, a viewing slot allows you to monitor the remaining tissue supply in the interior of the unit. Stainless steel teeth at the bottom of the dispenser are used for tearing off the tissue.