ASI 0031 Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser, Recessed-Mounted, Stainless Steel w/ Satin Finish

ASISKU: C1968250
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MPN : 0031
Weight : 8.0 lb

$72 $144
The ASI 0031 Recessed Dual Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser allows you to keep two rolls of toilet tissue in each of the compartments or stalls in your commercial washroom. The design of the unit keeps one roll exposed for dispensing and the other roll hidden behind a type-304, 18-gauge stainless steel door. To protect the roll that is not in use, the door is equipped with a pin tumbler lock. This lock also prevents the chrome-plated ABS plastic rollers from being removed. Once the bottom roll becomes entirely depleted, the top roll automatically drops into place. The holder accepts toilet tissue rolls with standard rolls that are up to 5-1/4 inches in diameter. All of the exposed surfaces on the unit feature a number 4 satin finish, which resists fingerprinting, but still has an attractive sheen. The unit features a flange for recessed mounting and requires a rough opening of 6-1/4 inches in width by 12-1/4 inches in height by 3-3/8 inches in depth.
Dispenser MaterialStainless Steel
Dispenser TypeDouble Roll
MaterialStainless Steel
Toilet Paper TypeStandard Roll