American Standard Control Stop, Fits Brand American Standard, For Use with Series American Standard, Toilets - M955058-0020A

American Standard
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MPN : M955058-0020A
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Toilet flush-valve tailpiece and stop repair parts are components for replacing the fittings that connect a flush valve (flushometer) to the water supply and control flow through the valve. Tailpieces are couplings and sleeves that fit between the flush valve and the water pipe. Stops have a screw that can be turned to adjust water pressure for proper flushing and to stop or start flow during maintenance. Tailpieces and stops may need replacing when they leak or no longer allow flow and pressure to be controlled or adjusted.,Toilet flush-valve repair parts and accessories allow individual components of a commercial flush valve (flushometer) to be replaced rather than the entire valve assembly. They're used for routine maintenance and repair of tankless-toilet flush valves, which are commonly found in high-use (more than 30 flushes per day) public, commercial, and institutional restrooms. Signs that a flushometer may need repair include leaking from the valve, water splashing from the bowl during flushing, and toilets that keep running. These toilet flush parts are designed specifically for flush valves and often fit only specific brands or models.