American Standard Bolt Cap Kit, Fits Brand American Standard, For Use with Series American Standard, Toilets - 7381251-200.0200A

American Standard
SKU: C1936354
MPN : 7381251-200.0200A
Weight : 1.0 lb


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Bowl-to-floor hardware holds toilets in place by fastening them to a floor or wall. These bolts, washers, and nuts fit mounting holes on the base of the toilet. The bolts provide a secure hold when they're long enough to pass through the toilet base and into the flooring or wall. Bowl-to-floor hardware is used for installing new toilets, reattaching existing toilets after making repairs, and replacing hardware that has cracked, corroded, or no longer seats properly due to stripped threads.,Standard toilet repair parts are universal fittings, hardware, and accessories for fixing, mounting, or enhancing the utility of toilets. They're used on standardized components common to all types of toilets such as toilet seats, waste lines, and water-supply connections. These parts can replace broken components, seal leaks between connection points, secure fixtures to a floor or wall, and facilitate repairs.