American Standard Fill Valve, Fits Brand American Standard, For Use with Series American Standard, Toilets - 7381091-400.0070A

American Standard
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MPN : 7381091-400.0070A
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Gravity-tank fill valves allow water to refill the bowl and tank of a gravity-flush toilet after flushing. These inlet valves connect to the plumbing supply line and the tank's float rod. They open when activated by the float rod to allow water in and close when the tank is filled. They're used as replacements for valves that are damaged, clogged, or won't stop the toilet from running.,Gravity-tank repair parts help fix leaks and restore proper flushing on gravity-flush toilets to avoid the expense of replacing the entire toilet. These toilet tank parts are used to replace broken or worn parts on gravity-fed tanks commonly found in homes, multifamily residences, hotel rooms, and other low-traffic settings (20 to 30 flushes per day). Signs that a toilet tank needs repair include leaking, constant running, and failure to flush.