American Standard Exposed, Top Spud, Automatic Flush Valve, For Use With Category Urinals, 1.0 Gallons per Flush - 6063101.002

American Standard
SKU: C1936089
MPN : 6063101.002
Weight : 8.2 lb


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Automatic urinal flush valves are sized to fit urinals. These sensor-operated valves have a spud coupling for attaching to a urinal spud.,Automatic flush valves are sensor-operated valves for flushing tankless toilets and urinals. Also known as automatic flushometers, these flow-control devices don't require user contact to activate, so they help decrease the spread of germs. Their sensor automatically triggers flushing after a set time period or once a user has moved out of sensing range. They're ideal for ensuring flushing in public restrooms and high-use areas.