Alpine Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder with Slip-Resistant Base - ALP433-02

Alpine Industries
SKU: C3080294
MPN : ALP433-02
Weight : 2.0 lb


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Equipped with spring-loaded tension loop facilitates single-hand operation, while keeping towel ends from dropping. Weighted, non-slip, scratch-resistant base keeps dispenser firmly in place as you pull sheets of paper towel. Stainless Steel construction for easy cleaning and corrosion-resistant for long product life that mathces any kitchen decor. Easy assembly. The stylish design of the Alpine Industries Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder with Slip-Resistant Base makes it easy for you to tear off one or more paper towel sheets with one hand. Its spring-loaded tension loop remains in contact with the roll for easy towel retrieval and also keeps the remaining towels from dangling onto your counter top. A simple twist of the top assembly allows you to quickly insert a new roll of towels. Great for any kitchens, bathrooms, or any tabletop where paper towels are used.