Toilet Partitions Frequently Asked Questions

How much do toilet partitions cost?
Toilet partitions range in cost depending on several variables including the material selected, mounting style, and the number of stalls needed. The lowest cost bathroom partition material is Powder Coated Steel or Baked Enamel Steel, starting at about $270 per stall. Phenolic toilet partitions offer moderate costs and start at around $350 per stall. Solid Plastic toilet partitions and Plastic Laminate restroom partitions start at about $475 per stall. The most expensive toilet partition material that is commonly offered is Stainless Steel, starting at about $700 per stall.

How long does it take to get toilet partitions?
Total Restroom offers 48 Hour Shipping on popular colors and finishes in Powder Coat Steel, Solid HDPE Plastic, Stainless Steel, Plastic Laminate, and Phenolic. Actual delivery time is dependant on your ship-to-location. Special order restroom partitions will incur longer lead times and will be built custom to your specification.

What are toilet partitions made of?
Toilet partitions and restroom panels are constructed of a wide range of materials including Powder Coated/Baked Enamel Steel, Solid HPDE Plastic, Stainless Steel, Plastic Laminate, and Phenolic. Custom restroom partitions are available in Solid Surface material, Wood, and Granite.

What is the most durable toilet partition material?
Phenolic toilet partitions and Solid HDPE Plastic toilet partitions have consistently proven to be the most reliable and durable restroom partition material available. Our Experts at Total Restroom recommend either one of these bathroom partition materials for high traffic and abuse environments.

How are toilet partitions installed?
Commercial bathroom partitions and restroom dividers can be installed in a variety of methods. The most common toilet partition mounting style available across all materials is Floor Mounted with Overhead Bracing. Additional restroom partition mounting options include Floor to Ceiling Mounting, Floor Mounted, and Ceiling Hung. Ask our Experts for more details.

Who makes toilet partitions?
As of January 2020, the top manufacturers of toilet partitions and restroom stall dividers in the U.S. include: ASI Global, Bradley, Scranton Products, Hadrian, Columbia Partitions, Accurate, and Ampco. Total Restroom is the premier distributor of all major brands of toilet partition systems and public bathroom stalls.

What privacy options are available for restroom stalls?
Over the past several years numerous privacy enhancement features have been added to toilet partitions and restroom stall dividers. These features include extended height panels and doors, full height compartments, continuous mounting brackets, and privacy strips. Our Experts are here to assist you with any questions you may have about what privacy options are available for your next project.

How long is the warranty on Toilet Partitions?
Toilet partitions are covered under the manufacturer warranty to be free of defects in material or workmanship, under normal usage, from 3 to 25 years depending on the material. Typical warranties include: Powder Coated Steel / Baked Enamel - 3 Years, Plastic Laminate - 5 Years, Stainless Steel - 5 Years, Solid HDPE Plastic - 25 Years, Phenolic - 25 Years.

Do you install toilet partitions?
Total Restroom is not an installer of toilet partitions, however we have built a network of nationwide installers that can assist with your next project. Give us a call to see if we have a bathroom partition installer located in your area.

Do you have toilet partition installation instructions?
Yes. We provide restroom partition installation instructions with every order. Every material installs a little differently, so the instructions you receive will be specific to the material you order.

Can you help me with restroom stall layouts?
Absolutely! Our Experts will include with your quote a FREE professional computer generated toilet partition layout (drawing) of your restroom stall configuration.

How do I buy toilet partitions?
Total Restroom makes purchasing toilet partitions quick and easy with a proven process meant to reduce lead times and ensure order accuracy.

Our Experts begin with quoting your project based upon your layouts or from information we receive during our consultation and information gathering. When you are ready to convert your quote to an order, we require a signed set of shop drawings to begin the production and shipment of your bathroom partitions. We also offer flexible payment terms with Net 30 billing, credit card, or ACH. Call us, email, or complete our online quote form to get your project started today!

Why do you require approvals?
You know the expression measure twice and cut once? The same applies when ordering toilet partitions. Our Experts want to make sure your order is 100% accurate before production and shipment - that’s why we require your approval on shop drawings to verify that all dimensions are correct. We provide the drawing, and you verify and approve the measurements. It’s that simple!

How are toilet partitions delivered?
Toilet partitions and bathroom stalls are delivered to your jobsite or business via LTL truck. Due to their oversized nature, toilet partitions can not be shipped via small parcel ground or air delivery.

Can I get lift-gate service or special handling?
Yes. Our Experts can work with you to coordinate lift-gate service or your special handling requirements.