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Reopen your restaurant safely when you purchase the right cleaners, personal protection equipment, signage, fixtures, and more. Our experts at TOTAL RESTROOM have sourced all the high-demand products needed to transform your restaurant’s operations so that you can serve customers in your dining rooms again. Choose from our wide selection of restaurant-focused cleaning kits, traffic control products, and touchless fixtures for your restrooms and other key areas within your establishment.

COVID Cleaning Kits

Choose from a wide variety including Starter Kits and Deep-Cleaning Kits that include face masks.
Custom kits available to meet the unique needs of multi-location corporate brands.
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Customer Safety Resources   

Everything your restaurant needs - posters, signs, labels, tapes, floor signs, and more.
Help customers understand how to be safe at your restaurant.
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Touchless Fixtures

Provide touchless handwashing and sanitizing fixtures to further prevent the spread of germs.
Expert Project Managers are available to help with touchless fixtures and all of your restroom needs.
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Everyday Services. Provided By Restroom Experts.

Simplified Ordering

We’ve made buying restroom fixtures and accessories easy. Shop online for over 5000 products including repair parts, replacement units, complete bathroom stalls, and more. Not sure what you need? Our experts are just a call away. We’ll answer your questions and get the order processed immediately so you can get back to work faster.

Logistics & Supply Chain

For regional and national projects with multiple locations, our team will manage and coordinate the arrival of your restroom materials according to your construction timeline. Working with numerous suppliers creates pressure for your team and often leads to delivery confusion and missing products at the job sites. When you work with Total Restroom, you’ll receive your complete restroom package in one consolidated shipment precisely when your team needs it.

Design & Spec Consultation

New construction and complete remodels provide an opportunity to evaluate whether your restrooms are operating efficiently and delivering the type of experience your customers expect. Total Restroom’s consultation services provide you with expert insight regarding the layout of your restrooms, the types of products you choose, material types and finishes for a cohesive design, and how to maximize cleanliness throughout the space.

Technical Support

Trust the experts when you need hard-to-find repair parts, tech-data sheets, installation instructions, operating manuals, product dimensions, and more. As one of the largest authorized distributors for all of the industry-leading restroom manufacturers, our team is equipped with the tools to help you when you need it most.

Remodels, Refreshes, & Rollouts

Restroom projects of all types require a material-sourcing partner who can help close the job on-time and on-budget. Our experienced Project Managers understand the scope of your project isn’t limited to the restroom, so we’ll make it easy for you to get the specified products you need with consolidated deliveries shipped from our closest distribution centers.

Auto Re-order

Set it and forget it. You can’t afford to run out of toilet paper, hand soap, and crucial cleaning supplies. With auto re-order, you can select the products your facility is using and never have to worry about making time to order those items again. You select the delivery frequency and make adjustments whenever needed while saving 5% on the items you auto re-order.

Toilet Partition Layouts

When your project calls for new bathroom dividers, our Experts will assist you from design through delivery. Your Project Manager helps with material selection to mounting styles and maximizing your space while also complying with ADA requirements. And once the order is placed, your Project Manager will coordinate its arrival so you can get the job finished on-time.

The Total Restroom Solution

Work with our experts to optimize your restroom project. Your dedicated Project Manager will assist you throughout every step of the process: restroom layout, fixture selection, material selection, mounting options, and coordinating the delivery of your restroom materials in one easy shipment. The personalized approach of your Project Manager helps ensure project success every time!

COVID Cleaning Kits

These kits offer popular disinfectants, masks, sanitizers and other cleaning products that many businesses are asking for.

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Customer Safety Resources

Choose from our selection of customer and employee safety resources including posters, signs, labels, tapes, floor signs, and more. Your operations have changed - now let your customers know how to be safe in your facility.

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Touchless Fixtures

Choose from our selection of touchless handwashing, flushing, and sanitizing fixtures to further prevent the spread of germs. Select your own fixtures or work with a Project Manager who can assist you with the right products for your business.