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Bradley - Toilet Paper Dispensers

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Bradley Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Total Restroom offers the widest selection of commercial toilet paper dispensers and holders from top brands like Bradley Corporation. Choose from coreless, single, double, or jumbo roll dispensers that are available for different paper types and a variety of materials and mounting styles.

Look No Further Than Bradley For Your Toilet Tissue Needs

Bradley toilet paper dispensers minimize contact points with options that are semi or fully enclosed with hoods, self-tear, and guided-tear.

Choose from small or large dispensers that hold single rolls, double rolls, or jumbo rolls. For small or low-volume bathrooms, select solo bars that you can mount side by side. Some configurations have a trash receptacle, built-in shelf, toilet seat cover dispenser, or room to store additional rolls.

Materials & Design Aesthetic: 
Most Bradley toilet paper dispensers come in satin finish stainless steel, but there are options in aluminum, chrome polished stainless steel, and zinc alloy chrome finish. The spindle is either steel or theft-resistant plastic or polystyrene. 

The larger your dispenser or the more rolls it holds, the more you lighten your maintenance team’s workload. Choose from dispensers that canfit single ply, double ply, standard rolls, and jumbo rolls.

Have Questions? Ask Our Restroom Experts.
Selecting the right toilet paper dispenser will minimize restroom maintenance and improve user satisfaction. Below are the key factors to take into consideration when selecting your products. If you have additional questions, one of our Restroom Experts will quickly guide you in the right direction. 

Single or Double Roll

Bradley Single Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers
• Satin finish, aluminum, or chrome finish
• Fits 1 ply, 2 ply, or jumbo rolls
• Space-optimizing configurations
• Surface-mounted, partition-mounted, or recessed

Bradley Double Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers
• Satin finish, bright polish, or chrome finish
• Fits 1 ply, 2 ply, or jumbo rolls
• Minimize maintenance refills
• Some models store additional rolls
• Surface-mounted, partition-mounted, or recessed

Open or Enclosed

Open Toilet Paper Dispensers
• Toilet paper roll is exposed
• Susceptible to vandalism

Fully or Semi-Enclosed Toilet Paper Dispensers
• Hygienic hood or cover
• Less susceptible to vandalism

Locked or Unlocked

Locked Bradley Toilet Paper Dispensers
• Locked covers or theft-proof spindles 
• Commercial appearance

Unlocked Bradley Toilet Paper Dispensers
• Easier to maintain
• Stylized appearance

Toilet Paper Only or Multi-Function 

Paper Only Bradley Toilet Paper Dispensers 
• Dispense single, double, or jumbo rolls
• Mount one or more in each stall
• Surface-mounted, front-mounted, or recessed

Dual Function Bradley Toilet Paper Dispensers
• Dispense single, double, or jumbo rolls
• Available with a hood, cover, shelve, toilet paper cover dispenser, or trash receptacle
• Surface-mounted or recessed 

The Total Restroom Team will work with you one-on-one to properly outfit and stock your restroom. We have options for all budgets and construction timelines. Once you select your toilet paper dispensers, browse our toilet paper, toilet seat covers, restroom trash bags, soap dispensers, and other hygiene essentials.

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