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ASI - Paper Towel Dispensers


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ASI Paper Towel Dispensers for Your Facility

Total Restroom is a top supplier of restroom products from industry-leading manufacturers, including American Specialties, Inc. We offer a full range of restroom products including ASI Paper Towel Dispensers, which are available in a variety of configurations to accommodate various facility types. 

Durable Materials

ASI paper towel dispensers are fabricated from 16–22-gauge stainless steel and dispensers from the Piatto Collection feature phenolic doors that accentuate any restroom design. ASI dispensers are engineered to provide long-lasting performance even in restroom environments with high traffic and heavy use.

Contemporary Designs

ASI paper towel dispensers are available in six unique collections. The Matte Black Collection makes a bold statement in any setting, while the Piatto Collection offers completely recessed dispensers and phenolic doors to create a minimalist, clean look. Dispensers in the Roval Collection are elegant and durable without becoming the focal point, while the rounded edges of the Profile Collection offer visual appeal that stands the test of time. ASI paper towel dispensers are also available in the Simplicity Collection that offers seamless construction and crisp design lines and theTraditional Collection which features strength and exceptional value.


ASI paper towel dispensers are available in manual, lever-operated units, or automatic options with different loading capacities to handle your facility's restroom traffic. Additional features include units with auto-cut features, stub roll capacity, adjustable paper dispensing length, and time delay functionality. ASI dispensers also come with key-operated tumbler locks to prevent theft.

ADA Compliant

All ASI paper towel dispensers are crafted to comply with ADA requirements when installed according to the ADA Accessibility Guidelines.


ASI paper towel dispensers feature many versatile options for your restroom. These units are also suitable for other areas of your facility, including breakrooms, cafeterias, or kitchens. Battery-operated, hands-free units or manual lever-operated units can be surface or counter-mounted.