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Shop ASI High-Speed, Automatic Hand Dryer with a HEPA Filter is used to purify the air before it dries hands. 

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ASI Hand Dryers – The Right Choice

Total Restroom is the premier provider of restroom products from industry-leading manufacturers, including American Specialties, Inc. Our Team of Experts will help you get the products you need, when you need them. We make restrooms easy, so contact us today!

Automatic hand dryers are a popular solution for numerous facility types where fast,energy efficient, touchless hand drying is required. Automatic hand dryers reduce maintenance requirements in the restroom by eliminating the need for paper towel refills and reducing the frequency of waste receptacle change-outs. ASI automatic hand dryers include the following standard features:

• Energy Efficiency
• Powerful, fast dry times
• Long lasting – backed by up to 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

• Sanitary, touchless operation
• Reduced maintenance – no paper towels & less trash disposal
• Multiple models and finishes

ASI TRI-Umph 20200
• Dry time: under 12 seconds
• Satin-look cover (also in white)
• ABS plastic enclosure
• Air blows down and back from vents on one side, reducing water splash back
• Also includes a removable Super Filter System

ASI Roval Recessed 20199
• Dry time: under 15 seconds
• 18-gauge stainless steel cover
• Compliments other Roval Collection accessories
• Bowed face with gently radiused edges

ASI Turbo-Dri 0197
•  Dry time: 12 seconds
•  Heavy-duty, one-piece formed unit in bright or satin stainless steel
•  Infrared operating sensor
•  Auto-resetting thermostat

ASI Turbo-ADA 0199-93
•  Dry time: under 15 seconds
•   Standard white cover with bright or satin stainless-steel options
•   Infrared operating sensor shuts unit off when user removes hands
•   Auto-resetting thermostat – owner adjustable
•   4-inch depth for ADA compliance

ASI Turbo-Tuff 0134
Dry time: under 15 seconds
• Type 304 satin finish stainless steel cover
• Infrared operating sensor with auto shut-off
• Auto-resetting thermostat – owner adjustable
•  Recess mount provides ADA compliance

ASI Recessed Combo Three-In-One 64672
• Dry time: under 15 seconds
• 20-Gauge stainless steel cover with satin finish
• Paper towel dispenser, automatic hand dryer, 6.8-gallon waste receptacle combination unit
• Recess mount provides ADA compliance

ASI Profile Compact 0165
Dry time: under 30 seconds
• Flexible cover options (stainless steel, cast iron, cast aluminum)
• Sensor activation
• Modern design
• Less than 4-inch depth for ADA compliance

ASI Porcelain 0141
• Dry time: under 30 seconds
• Heavy duty cast aluminum cover
• Sensor activation
• Surface mount 

When your facility plans require automatic hand dryers, trust ASI to deliver exceptional performance combined with long-lasting durability. Contact our Total Restroom team of project managers to discover which ASI hand dryer will deliver the best results for your application.

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