Our TOTAL RESTROOM team of experienced Project Managers provides the commercial restroom products and accessories that exemplify your plans for the space. The cornerstone of our company is an ease of doing business — it’s why we’ve simplified the process into just three steps.


We’ve also partnered with industry-leading manufacturers such as Bradley, Bobrick, Hadrian, Scranton, World Dryer, Zurn, and many more to provide complete commercial restrooms for our customers. We recognize how inefficient it can be to work with multiple suppliers to source all the products needed and how time-consuming it can be to coordinate all the deliveries. When you work with Total Restroom, your dedicated Project Manager will simplify the design and order process while coordinating the delivery of your package so your team can finish the job on time.

Total Restroom is set up to be flexible. If you’re planning to build multiple locations, we can work with you to provide national pricing that allows you to control costs. Opening one location for now? Your Project Manager is equipped to offer the same design expertise, total project cost-savings, and help coordinating deliveries for your team.

We’re available to work with you through SAP Ariba or fax machine and everything in between. We’re proud to have worked on projects that range from small bathrooms at local churches to large commercial restrooms at international airports. Our clients include global corporations, national retailers, government agencies, schools, small businesses, contractors and more. Give us a call today — we’re excited to be a part of your next restroom project.

The Process

Simplified. It’s our approach to getting you the right restroom. Our team of experienced Project Managers understands that the scope of your project isn’t limited to the bathroom, so we want to make it easy for you to get the products you need and get you back to the rest of the project. Our TOTAL RESTROOM process includes just three, easy steps:

  • Design - We can work with you to develop one or work with the plan you have.

  • Simplified Ordering - take advantage of national pricing and total project cost-savings.

  • Consolidated Deliveries - one restroom, one supplier. Less confusion at the job-site.

Working with multiple suppliers on the products you need for the restroom means multiple check-ins and time lost trying to coordinate it all. When you work with TOTAL RESTROOM, you have access to all the top brands combined with total project cost-savings and an experienced Project Manager working directly with you to ensure the right products arrive on time and on budget.

Step 1: Design

Every restroom needs one. We can work with the design you already have, or we can work with you to create the right design. Confused about ADA compliance? No problem. Our team is standing by to help you. We supply everything you need for a complete restroom from all the leading manufacturers, and before moving on to the order, we’ll generate a professional CAD drawing for your review.

Step 2: Simplified Ordering

We’ve worked with tens of thousands of satisfied customers both big and small. Our experience has taught us that every company is unique, but all companies appreciate simplicity and flexibility.

For our customers opening numerous locations with similar layouts, we’re excited to offer national pricing designed to control your costs and keep your pricing predictable. We’ll work directly with your store planner or your general contractor to provide the same restroom products across all of your new locations.

If you’re opening a single location or remodeling an existing space, we have you covered with total project cost-savings. You’ll work directly with one of our Project Managers who will assist you with the design, order, and delivery of your Total Restroom.

In all cases, your Project Manager is equipped to help you with a simplified ordering process. We can work with you on SAP Ariba, accept your POs, or take credit card, check, wire transfer, and PayPal.

Step 3: Consolidated Deliveries

Engaging with numerous suppliers for the many products your restrooms require results in less efficiency, more damaged products, and greater confusion at the job site. Our team of experienced Project Managers will reduce the number of shipments and work with you to be sure your restroom package arrives when you need it. We offer the flexibility of direct shipments from the manufacturer to reduce delays, or the ability to stock your specified products in our warehouse and ship them to the job site when needed.


Whether your restrooms include multiple stalls or single stalls, we’ll work with you to deliver the right restroom for your store. We’re experienced working with brands opening numerous locations regionally or nationally, and we’ll help to standardize products and pricing across those locations. We can ship your TOTAL RESTROOM package from our warehouse or direct from the manufacturer as time and location require.

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Bradley Corporation’s annual “Healthy Handwashing Survey” continually reveals that customers view the restrooms in a restaurant as a reflection of the overall business and a significant factor in whether they will return. We can help you create the type of restroom that exemplifies your business and delivers the experience your customers expect without breaking the budget. Our Project Managers can also advise you of the current trends in the industry as well as those products that stand up to the heavy traffic your restroom is bound to see.

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Hotels and the hospitality industry provide a range of restrooms, from the residential-like guest bathrooms to the commercial lobby restrooms. Our Team is ready to assist you and the different requirements for each space. After we establish your total project cost-savings and standardize your price across locations, we’ll work with you or your general contractor to deliver the right products for your restrooms on-time.

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General Contractors

When you source your next project through TOTAL RESTROOM, you’ll work directly with your Project Manager from start to finish. We can work with your plan set to provide total project cost-savings that will also allow you to consolidate the number of vendors you’re working with. We know job sites are hectic, so we’ll be sure to coordinate your delivery to arrive when you need it to, and your Project Manager will be available even after delivery for any last-minute add-ons or other assistance.

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